Online Consultation

People often get overwhelmed in cosmetic stores with the wide range of skin products & procedures. Some times you really want to change something about your skin but do not have proper skills or the know-how on what to do.

This is where I come in.
My job is to save your time and lead you the right way. Furthermore, I can give you professional advice and help you to create the right skincare routine. Now you can seek to have beautiful skin and stay at home at the same time.

In order to help you, I have to know about you, your needs and wishes. Online consultation starts when you answer my simple questions, then you say your wishes. After that, I will make an individual personalized skincare plan which you can use at home or at your beauty therapist cabinet. Together we will follow changes of your skin in order to get positive results. I will help you find the right products and procedures for your skin. This is how you can save time and money; moreover, you will have all information about your skin in one place.

By the way, you aren’t obliged to do procedures only under my wing. I would gladly recommend you to my colleagues, places and procedures close to your area. I do not compete with other beauty therapists, I suggest choosing the best of them and then getting maximum results. I am here to give advices and all the information you need about the newest products, procedures and specialists.

So how do we get started?

Start by answering my questions listed in this form as much as possible.

Upload 3 pictures based on my requirements.

Write down all the different kind of products you use for your daily skincare or take a picture of products which you use and fill in information when you will get new products and procedures.

All information about you will be private and confidential. Only you and your consultant can access this information. When you will become our client, you will get:

  • A detailed analysis of your skin;
  • Plan of procedures, which you will make at home. It will be adopted for your needs and for those products, which you have now. Also, there will be an information how to choose new products for your skin, specific products and information on how to use them;
  • Plan of procedures, which you can use at home (pilings, masks, serums, etc.);
  • Plan of procedures for three months.
  • Descriptions of procedures, links and all necessary information, also places where you can find that procedures in the area which you have chosen;
  • A plan of food supplements and vitamins;
  • Advises for healthy lifestyle;
  • Useful literature, which will be adopted specially for your needs;
  • Possibility to follow your skin progress, also to count your expenses, plan your procedures and make right decisions;
  • Personal beauty procedures at home or cabinet calendar, if you wish to have reminders about procedures;
  • And of course, my attention and knowledge, which I got during many years, while I was working as a beauty therapist.